UNCW MarineQuest Sea GEMS

The Sea GEMS get a visit from a ZoMBiE! Dr. Yopak will give a talk on her work, we'll take some shark quizzes, and then Build-A-Brain together with the UNCW MarineQuest program Coastal GEMS (Girls Exploring Marine Science)! Age 11-14 and interested in sharks? Learn More about Coastal GEMS here: https://uncw.edu/marinequest/summerenrichment/intermediateprograms/seagems.html

UNCW MarineQuest “Shark Trek”

Are you aged 10-12 with an interest in sharks? Dr. Yopak is going to be leading a shark dissection and walking you through anatomy of the brain as part of the UNCW MarineQuest program "Shark Trek"! Spaces are limited - check out the MarineQuest website for details and info on how to register for these …

Summer Ventures in Science & Mathematics

Summer Ventures in Science & Mathematics (SVSM) is a cost-free, state-funded program for academically talented students who may pursue careers based in science and mathematics. The program brings rising juniors and seniors together for four weeks of intensive study on university campuses including UNC Wilmington. Dr. Yopak will be giving a talk entitled, "Are Sharks Smart? …

The Gills Club @Fort Fisher

Super excited to be heading to the Fort Fisher Aquarium to hang out with members of the Gills Club! Dr. Yopak will be giving a talk on shark brains and her path to being a marine (brain) biologist. Have a girl interested in sharks? Check out the Gills Club webpage for more info.

Dr. Yopak on a (virtual) trip to Germany!

Dr. Yopak is going to be speaking at the Philipps-Universität Marburg, Center for Mind, Brain and Behavior (CMBB) Neuro-Colloquium. She was invited to share all things shark brain (as if you even have to ask). Read more about CMBB here: https://www.cmbb-fcmh.de/en/cmbb-info

JBJC For Evolutionary Neuroscience Meeting

ZoMBiE's are off to San Diego! Grad student Emily Peele will be presenting some of our recent work on the effects of temperature on brain and sensory development in Port Jackson sharks. Read her abstract here. Learn more about JBJC: https://www.jbjclub.org

Dr. Yopak Speaking at the GMGI Science Hour

We're heading to the Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute (GMGI) “Science Hour”! Dr. Yopak has been invited to give a talk to the GMGI. But is an hour long enough to learn all there is about shark brains?? Link to the event coming soon (but check out past speakers here).

New Zealand Marine Sciences Annual Meeting

Derek Sauer is representing the ZoMBiE's in the Southern Hemisphere and presenting at the NZ Marine Science Society meeting in Auckland, New Zealand on "Interspecific variation in inner ear hair cell organisation in sharks."

Dr. Yopak presenting at the Konrad Lorenz Institute

Dr. Yopak will be giving a virtual seminar at the Konrad Lorenz Institute for Ethology Seminar Series all about Sharks, smarts, and headstarts. Learn more about the Konrad Lorenz Institute for Ethology here.