Undergraduate Lab Members Have a look at our current lab undergraduates and the fantastic work they're doing. Click on each student to learn more about their individual projects. DIS Student, UNC Wilmington Sebrina Brooks DIS Student, UNC Wilmington Anna Böhm Honors Student, UNC Wilmington Daniel Enos DIS Student, UNC Wilmington Abby Baker DIS Student, UNC WilmingtonSebrina BrooksI am a senior in the UNCW Honors college and am currently pursuing a B.S. in Biology with a minor in Neuroscience. I am working on my honor’s thesis in Dr. Julia Buck’s Disease Ecology lab focusing on the parasitic nematode genus Crassicauda. In my time here, I have worked with some amazing people and am excited to work with the ZoMBiE lab this semester! Neuro and evolutionary biology are extremely informative of conservation efforts and have recently been correlated with behavioral ecology—fields I hope to pursue in the future. I plan to obtain both a master’s degree and PhD in my academic career, and my end goal is to be a tenured professor. I am extremely excited and fortunate for the research experience I will gain alongside my peers in the ZoMBiE lab! DIS Student, UNC WilmingtonAnna BöhmHey, I’m Anna and a Junior at UNCW. I am an exchange student from Germany and Major in Microbiology. After finishing my Masters and my PhD, it is my dream to work in pharmaceutical research, especially oncology or neurology. That’s why I’m especially looking forward to working in the ZoMBiE Lab! esides my interest for neurobiology I’ve always loved the ocean and pretty much every water activity. My happy place is definitely under water while snorkeling or scuba diving. That’s why I am especially excited to work in a lab that combines marine biology and neurobiology where we even get the opportunity to gain experience in working with animals. Honors Student, UNC WilmingtonDaniel EnosMy name is Daniel Enos and I am a Junior in the UNCW Honors college. With a major in Biology and a minor in neuroscience, ZoMBiE lab was the perfect fit for me. I am also pre-med, with my interests taking me towards the radiology side of medicine and what could be more helpful in this endeavor than examining a bunch of fish brains! I am also fascinated in comparative neuroscience, specifically identifying a cause-and-effect relationship between the brains of fish species. There is a lot of knowledge that I hope to gain and many new things to see in the lab. DIS Student, UNC WilmingtonAbby BakerMy name is Abby Baker and I am a freshman in the UNCW Honors College pursuing a major in Marine Biology and a minor in Oceanography. The field of neuroscience has always piqued my interest and I am particularly interested in research pertaining to the behavior and cognition of elasmobranchs. My goal is to obtain my master’s degree and doctorate in order to conduct research in this field. I am also very interested in the application of research to support conservation efforts such as reducing the bycatch of elasmobranchs and other marine animals in the fishing industry. I am ecstatic to join the ZoMBiE lab and to work alongside peers who share my passions. I look forward to gaining skills and experience as a ZoMBiE that will help me in my future career. Interested in joining the team? Check our our Opportunities page. Past Members Gone but never forgotten. Check out our past lab members who have moved on to other amazing opportunities. But, once a ZoMBiE, always a ZoMBiE! Honors Student, UNC Wilmington Curren Connor Honors Student, UNC Wilmington Haley Morman DIS Student, UNC Wilmington Reba Treptau DIS Student, UNC Wilmington Karley Eason DIS Student, UNC Wilmington Dylan Marshall Lab Volunteer, UNC Wilmington Jessica Loi Honors Student, UNC Wilmington Alayna Mahon Lab Volunteer, UNC Wilmington Callie Ingram Honors & DIS Student, UNC Wilmington Rachel Zino Honors Student, UNC Wilmington Krista Laforest DIS Student, UNC Wilmington Jamie Lord DIS Student, UNC Wilmington Sam Barker DIS Student, UNC Wilmington Will Anthony DIS Student, UNC Wilmington Ben Slay DIS Student, UNC Wilmington Alexandra Borog Honors Student, UNC WilmingtonCurren ConnorMaking my way in the ZoMBiE Lab during my fourth year here at UNCW, I am working towards double majors in Biology and Studio Art. My lifelong experience and passion for the ocean and surrounding environments have led to my deep interest in the arts and sciences, especially the connections between the two and the implications such skills could have towards creating the best life possible for all. Specifically, I would like to attain a master’s in medical/Scientific illustrations and continue researching and relaying information! I believe the opportunity to be in the ZoMBiE lab will both provide important experience in a lab setting and allow me to explore aspects of sensory and neurobiology which will prepare me better for future involvements. Honors Student, UNC WilmingtonHaley MormanMy name is Haley Morman, and I am a junior in UNCW Honor’s college majoring in Biology and International Studies (concentration in Latin America) and minoring in Spanish and Neuroscience. My future plan is to attend either medical school or veterinary school and, although the exact path is not clear, I ultimately want to study biology and correct abnormalities in living organisms to better their health. I am beyond grateful to be a part of the ZoMBiE crew and cannot wait to learn the inner workings of not only the nervous systems of fish, but of a research facility with so many topical and fascinating projects. DIS Student, UNC WilmingtonReba TreptauMy name is Reba Treptau and I am a senior majoring in Biology with Neuroscience and Chemistry minors. My future plan is to become a veterinarian and possibly become involved with clinical research. I find every aspect of neuroscience fascinating, so a list of everything I want to study would be quite lengthy. However, I am most interested in how visual abnormalities influence migraines and seizures. I hope that one day my contributions to neuroscience can help answer the questions of how and why things like photosensitivity can impact overall brain function. I am very excited to work in the ZoMBiE Lab so I can develop lab skills and learn about current research projects! DIS Student, UNC WilmingtonKarley EasonMy name is Karley Eason. I am junior majoring in Marine biology with minors in neuroscience and psychology. Last semester I did an internship at Dolphin Research Center where I learned how to care, train, and grow in relationship with dolphins, sea lions and birds. I assisted with two of the current research studies they are performing, one on the cognitive abilities of dolphins and one on communication between dolphins. After taking neuroscience this past summer, I became more interested in the research side of this field. My experience at Dolphin Research Center helped me determine that I would like to perform research studies on marine mammals. With this said, my long-term goal is to help marine animals through research. I am excited to dive into a semester of learning more about research techniques and procedures in the ZoMBIE lab! DIS Student, UNC WilmingtonDylan MarshallMy name is Dylan Marshall. I am majoring in Biology with a Neuroscience minor. I have always had a fascination with understanding memory and consciousness. My research interests include neurodegenerative diseases and bionic technology. I hope to one day have a Ph.D. in neuroscience and research treatments and devices that will restore normalcy to those who suffer from neurological disorders and injuries. I am very excited to be a part of the ZoMBie lab so that I can further my knowledge and experience in the field of neuroscience, as well as meet like-minded peers. Lab Volunteer, UNC WilmingtonJessica LoiMy name is Jessica Loi. I am majoring in Biology with a minor in Neuroscience. After I graduate from UNCW I plan to go to medical school. I want to one day be a surgeon specializing in neurology or orthopedics. My main interest in neuroscience is learning about neuroanatomy and the different neurological diseases and disorders. I am also interested in studying more on the different areas of the brain and how it contributes to different behavior. Hopefully, with all the experience and knowledge that I am gaining at the ZoMBie Lab, I will be able to help the lives of others. I am super excited to work with others in the ZoMBie Lab and to further my knowledge in neuroscience! Honors Student, UNC WilmingtonAlayna MahonI am senior here at UNCW majoring in Exercise Science with a minor in Neuroscience. I am very interested in neuroplasticity and how the brain changes and evolves over time. Specifically, I am going to conduct research of the sexual dimorphism of sharks and in brain size scaling. I have always been completely fascinated by the brain and how it works, and I am very excited to learn even more about it. My goal for after my time here at UNCW would be to become a Physician’s Assistant concentrated in Neurology in a pediatric hospital setting. I am super excited to see where life takes me! Lab Volunteer, UNC WilmingtonCallie IngramI am a senior majoring in Marine biology. I have conducted research on the effects of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill on the estrogen levels of deep sea sharks (Centrophorus uyato, Squalus cubensis, Squalus mitsukurii). And another study on the estimate abundance of elasmobranchs using an underwater video census in Calabash Caye, Belize. This semester I would have investigated the differences in brain size relative to body size through the stages of life of the smooth butterfly ray (Gymnura micrura), but due to Covid-19 closures that has been delayed. After I graduate from UNCW, I hope to continue my time in academia by pursuing my master’s degree and eventually a doctorate. While I have focused on a variety of research topics, the field I hope to follow is the reproductive endocrinology of elasmobranchs. I believe that the application of this research could be crucial to conservation efforts by understanding the outcome of anthropogenic pollution exposure on the hormones of sharks and rays. Honors & DIS Student, UNC WilmingtonRachel ZinoMy major is a B.S. in Biology with minors in Neuroscience and Psychology. I have always viewed the brain as the “ultimate frontier” and been intrigued by the individuality of our brains and minds. I love clinical disciplines of neuroscience, specifically working with neurodegenerative disorders, when your brain malfunctions and neurons die. Sharks undergo lifelong neurogenesis and constantly make more neurons. One could say that’s the opposite of a neurodegenerative disorder and why I am so excited to work with these animals’ brains! This lab teaches me to view an adaptive brain with different techniques that one day I can hopefully apply to human patients. My plan after UNCW will be to apply to MD; PhD programs in Neuroscience. Honors Student, UNC WilmingtonKrista LaforestBIO: I am a senior majoring in Marine Biology and Psychology with a minor in neuroscience. My research in the lab includes studying the ontogenetic shifts in Atlantic sharpnose sharks (Rhizoprionodon terraenovae). I hope to contribute my findings to literature because it is crucial to understand the baseline of brain development during a lifetime in order to understand how environmental factors affect the brain. My other interests include cognitive research and conservation efforts. Outside of academia, I enjoy scuba diving and hope to incorporate my passion into future research. DIS Student, UNC WilmingtonJamie LordMy name is Jamie Lord and I am a biology major with a minor in neuroscience. After I graduate from UNCW I plan to go to medical school. The plan is to specialize in radiology with a focus in neurology, as I want to keep on learning about the brain and its intricacies while also helping save the lives of people suffering from conditions of the brain, and spinal cord. That is why I am excited to be a part of the ZoMBie lab, because of the hands-on experience with shark brains and the knowledge of its evolution as it relates to behavior. This is knowledge I can hopefully bring with me through medical school and on to a career in neuroradiology. DIS Student, UNC WilmingtonSam BarkerBIO: My research interests in the lab include studying the gross anatomy of the nervous system and using comparative anatomy to gain an overall understanding of the brain. I am very interested in studying how the brain works and the ways that different areas of the brain communicate with each other. By looking at the brains of a variety of species of sharks, skates and rays, I can ultimately learn about their ecology and behavior. This helps me understand how the regions of the brain are connected and how versatile and plastic they are in order to accommodate different needs of the species. My ultimate goal is to work in a children’s research hospital as a medical professional where I can study and treat pediatric neurological disorders. More specifically, I would like to study epilepsy and look into new and innovative ways to treat it and learn from it. DIS Student, UNC WilmingtonWill AnthonyI am majoring in Biology with minors in Neuroscience and Psychology. My research interests include comparative neuroanatomy and studying how an organism’s brain organization may reflect its environment and behavior.My overwhelming fascination with brains is undoubtedly boundless. The potential of these small and soft tissue organs is seemingly limitless – facilitating how all life forms perceive, communicate, and behave within the world. Ultimately, I aim to one day practice as a neurologic physical therapist. This encompasses helping patients with neurological conditions maintain active and independent lives. I truly believe that there is no greater reward than being able to apply my knowledge/abilities in way that benefits the lives of others. DIS Student, UNC WilmingtonBen SlayBIO: My Major is Clinical Research with minors in Neuroscience and Chemistry. I really enjoy research involving brains and I am especially interested in mechanisms and environmental effects on neuroplasticity. Being a part of this lab is great because it has opened me up to new histological skills and exploratory methods. Elasmobranchs and bony fish have very diverse brains and amaze me by their distinct morphological features and various biological curiosities such as lifelong neurogenesis. DIS Student, UNC WilmingtonAlexandra BorogBIO: I am majoring in Biology and minoring in Neuroscience. I am really fascinated with neurobiology and I just really love brains. Brains are my favorite thing in the world. I really love learning and I am interested in everything – from comparing different species from different parts of the world and different environments and their brains, to neuroplasticity and MRI imaging. I am very thankful to be a part of the Zombie Lab – it is an incredible experience with awesome nerdy people (best kind of people) that I will never forget and I will carry everything I learned into my future life and career.

Have a look at our current lab undergraduates and the fantastic work they're doing. Click on each student to learn more about their individual projects.

Interested in joining the team? Check our our Opportunities page.

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Gone but never forgotten. Check out our past lab members who have moved on to other amazing opportunities. But, once a ZoMBiE, always a ZoMBiE!