Undergraduate Lab Members DIS Student, UNC Wilmington Sam Barker Honors Student, UNC Wilmington Krista Laforest DIS Student, UNC Wilmington Will Anthony DIS Student, UNC WilmingtonSam BarkerBIO: My research interests in the lab include studying the gross anatomy of the nervous system and using comparative anatomy to gain an overall understanding of the brain. I am very interested in studying how the brain works and the ways that different areas of the brain communicate with each other. By looking at the brains of a variety of species of sharks, skates and rays, I can ultimately learn about their ecology and behavior. This helps me understand how the regions of the brain are connected and how versatile and plastic they are in order to accommodate different needs of the species. My ultimate goal is to work in a children’s research hospital as a medical professional where I can study and treat pediatric neurological disorders. More specifically, I would like to study epilepsy and look into new and innovative ways to treat it and learn from it. Honors Student, UNC WilmingtonKrista LaforestBIO: I am a senior majoring in Marine Biology and Psychology with a minor in neuroscience. My research in the lab includes studying the ontogenetic shifts in Atlantic sharpnose sharks (Rhizoprionodon terraenovae). I hope to contribute my findings to literature because it is crucial to understand the baseline of brain development during a lifetime in order to understand how environmental factors affect the brain. My other interests include cognitive research and conservation efforts. Outside of academia, I enjoy scuba diving and hope to incorporate my passion into future research. DIS Student, UNC WilmingtonWill AnthonyI am majoring in Biology with minors in Neuroscience and Psychology. My research interests include comparative neuroanatomy and studying how an organism’s brain organization may reflect its environment and behavior.My overwhelming fascination with brains is undoubtedly boundless. The potential of these small and soft tissue organs is seemingly limitless – facilitating how all life forms perceive, communicate, and behave within the world. Ultimately, I aim to one day practice as a neurologic physical therapist. This encompasses helping patients with neurological conditions maintain active and independent lives. I truly believe that there is no greater reward than being able to apply my knowledge/abilities in way that benefits the lives of others. Interested in joining the team? Check our our Opportunities page. Past Members DIS Student, UNC Wilmington Ben Slay DIS Student, UNC Wilmington Alexandra Borog DIS Student, UNC WilmingtonBen SlayBIO: My Major is Clinical Research with minors in Neuroscience and Chemistry. I really enjoy research involving brains and I am especially interested in mechanisms and environmental effects on neuroplasticity. Being a part of this lab is great because it has opened me up to new histological skills and exploratory methods. Elasmobranchs and bony fish have very diverse brains and amaze me by their distinct morphological features and various biological curiosities such as lifelong neurogenesis. DIS Student, UNC WilmingtonAlexandra BorogBIO: I am majoring in Biology and minoring in Neuroscience. I am really fascinated with neurobiology and I just really love brains. Brains are my favorite thing in the world. I really love learning and I am interested in everything – from comparing different species from different parts of the world and different environments and their brains, to neuroplasticity and MRI imaging. I am very thankful to be a part of the Zombie Lab – it is an incredible experience with awesome nerdy people (best kind of people) that I will never forget and I will carry everything I learned into my future life and career.

Interested in joining the team? Check our our Opportunities page.

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