Graduate Students PhD Candidate, UNC Wilmington Emily Peele PhD Candidate, University of Western Australia Victoria Camillieri-Asch PhD Candidate, UNC WilmingtonEmily Peele Visit Emily’s Page I received my B.S. in Biology from the University of North Carolina Wilmington in 2016, where I completed an honors project studying wound healing at the umbilicus in neonate bonnethead sharks. I also worked for 4 years as an aquarist technician at the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher during my undergraduate studies, where I participated in several research projects involving elasmobranch physiology and reproduction. PhD Candidate, University of Western AustraliaVictoria Camillieri-Asch Visit Victoria’s Page Victoria completed her BSc with an Honours degree in Marine Sciences at The University of Queensland in 2011, focusing on behavioral responses of elasmobranchs to anthropogenic electromagnetic fields. She is now a PhD student at The University of Western Australia undertaking research on olfactory abilities in elasmobranchs compared to teleosts Past Members PhD, Simon Fraser University Chris Mull PhD, Simon Fraser UniversityChris MullI’m a marine biologist interested in using an interdisciplinary approach to broad ecological and evolutionary topics. My main focus is studying chondrichthyans, an under-appreciated vertebrate group. I have worked in reproductive physiology and ecology, behavior, and toxicology and try to use tools from these various fields to answer new questions. I conducted my PhD work at Simon Fraser University with Dr. Nick Dulvy and Dr. Kara Yopak. My dissertation focused on chondrichthyan evolutionary ecology, and I used comparative techniques to examine the interaction between life-history evolution and brain development. We found that pre-partum maternal investment, in the form of matrotrophy, is associated with increased relative brain size, and that brain organization varies with life history and lifestyle. You can find out more about my work by following me on twitter (@DrSharkbrain).

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